What We Do

Educapro is a global pioneer in qualitative training audits and knowledge benchmarking. We partner with small, medium and large organizations from a broad range of industries and sectors in the United States and Europe to help evaluate learning investments and to unleash the full potential of individuals and groups.


We accomplish our mission through an innovative, lean-learning business model that delivers world-class knowledge management in five areas:





Qualitative Training Audits:

Stratety™ is our proprietary, patent-pending pre-and-post training evaluation platform that allows our customers to measure the effectiveness of their training investments.  Stratety™ is designed to greatly reduce the complexity of training evaluation and guarantee training program success. When it comes to knowledge transfer, we put our money where our mouth is.






C-Suite Management:

Using our best in class, patent-pending Stratety™  platform and guided by our proprietary combination of the most prominent frameworks used to think about, define and execute business strategy, we help executives and organizations to unleash the full potential of their ideas and their people through learning.






In-company Training:

We move on local and international levels to deliver live, face-to-face training solutions in all major areas of business and economy – from the Board Room to the factory floor. With a focus on English as a key to understanding the state of the art in learning transfer, our offer includes customized training in languages, IT, administration, sales, negotiation, teamwork, workplace safety, and corporate responsibility. 




E-learning and Blended Learning:

Educapro offers the most extensive e-learning catalog on the market. Through strategic alliances with major international education companies, Educapro delivers an unequalled set of teaching resources in the main training areas: management, PC software, compliance, languages, IT etc.

In addition, we design and develop blended e-learning and mobile learning programs that involve classroom learning, virtual learning events, self-directed online courses, tutors, study guides, live labs, pre-and post-event learning activities, and more.





Government Funding:

In partnership with our customers, Educapro taps into local, state and national government funding programs in both the United States and Europe to lower the total cost of service for our customers. Many of these resources are available for people and companies who contribute directly to the funds but who don’t realize the funds exist.