Blended Learning Approach

In the not-too-distant past, face-to-face, in-company training (also known as onsite training) was the only way to transmit important knowledge from management to staff or from one employee to another. With the advent of technology, things have changed. And they are going to keep changing at a very fast pace.



Live, in-person, face-to-face training has always been a very human thing. As long as we remain human, live training will be with us. The disadvantage of live, on-site training, however, is the relatively high cost associated with it. In addition to the cost, the difficulty of ensuring consistent quality and the challenges of scaling are two additional drawbacks.

In the 20th century, new technologies were born that allowed for the digital transmission of knowledge via Internet. The disadvantages of a purely digital learning experience, however, are daunting. Few people are motivated enough to sit in front a computer screen – perhaps at lunch or before or after work or on weekends –to acquire new skills. There is something almost inhuman about this mechanized way of learning.


Our Blended Learning Solutions

Educapro’s blended learning solutions bring the past, present and the future of learning excellence together. Our blended learning options bring the personal and human aspect of face-to-face training to the training room at affordable rates through the effective use of technology.

The results are predictable: the total cost of blended learning solutions are significantly lower than in-company training, and a blended solution is several times more effective than a completely online solution.


How does Educapro’s blended learning work?

How does our blended learning program work? On the surface, it’s quite simple: we give you access to either an e-learning course or another source of knowledge (see our How-to Business Essentials or our Harvard Business Cases page to see two examples). We then connect you with a training expert in the area that you would like to study. Your connection with our trainer can either be virtual via videoconferencing software and our award-winning Stratety™ platform, or the connection can be physical, meaning we can send our expert to your home or office. In most cases, our trainees and trainers use a combination of both: live, physical proximity and online videoconferencing. In all cases, the idea is to get the best of both worlds, the physical and the virtual, and enjoy the benefits that each of these options brings.


Why choose Educapro?

Educapro Learning and Performance is the only training solution provider on the planet that can deliver the award-winning Stratety™ training evaluation platform. With Stratety™, we guarantee the effectiveness of our training. If you sign on for our blended learning program and agree to follow the Stratety™ protocols, and we cannot demonstrate that your training has been effective, you will not pay for our services.* In terms of confidence and trust, it doesn’t get much better than that. With Stratety™, Educapro delivers effective blended learning packages that are able to meet the needs of everybody in your company: from the C-suite to the front line.



When it comes to the C-suite, training solutions aren’t just a question of treatment, they are also a matter of selecting the right content and, of course, the right person and the right profile to deliver the precise knowledge and skills that are needed. Making sure that the training content is appropriate for the executive’s current industry, mission and objectives is a critical step to ensuring a successful initiative. In addition, executive training is not simply about gaining knowledge and improving skills, but also about doing so in a way that will enable executives to lead more effectively in a fast-paced, multinational and multicultural business environment.

For executive-level blended learning, we recommend our fully customizable “Business Skills Coaching” and our “Harvard Business Case Discussions”. In both cases, we will facilitate one-to-one virtual coaching sessions between the executive and one of our world-class experts in the subject area. We have experts from every branch of business and from all areas of the planet. The added value of working with Educapro is our patent-pending Stratety™ training evaluation platform. If you sign on for the platform and we can’t deliver exactly what you need, you will not pay a dime.* We’ve got it like that.



Top Management Pipeline

For the “high-potential” individuals who have been selected for fast track promotions within your organization, the challenge is to make a good person even better.

For the top management pipeline within your organization, our solution includes structured and self-pacede-learning with customized learning sessions with a dedicated expert in the area that needs to be developed. This enables individuals in the pipeline to receive the e-learning that is is needed, but to then support that e-learning with live, real-world access to the experts that can help the trainee apply the knowledge gained through e-learning to the real world around her.

With Stratety™ + no geographical limits + world-class content from the top business schools in the world + experienced trainers that cover all geographies of the planet, your pipeline of critical talent, will be poised to deliver the excellence that you expect and predict for them.


Frontline workers

For frontline workers, we can offer an effective combination of self-paced e-learning with virtual tutoring in any area of interest to your company – whether in customer service, sales, onboarding,bookkeeping, operations, lean management, marketing, customer service, etc. With our award-winning Stratety™ training evaluation platform + a personal virtual trainer foreach employee + a customized training program suited for your company and your industry, you are guaranteed to receive the effective training you are looking for, or we will not charge you for our intervention.*You may want to read the previous sentence once again, because we mean every word. There is nothing quite like a money-back guarantee to instill trust in your training provider.


How Educapro’s Blending Learning is different:


  • Trainer quality: We have the highest quality trainers on the market. As an indication of how willing we are to stand by this claim, see our money-back guarantee.
  • Our Technology: our proprietary training evaluation platform, Stratety™ allows for targeted, self-paced learning + an ability to connect you with the best, most knowledgeable trainers on the market.
  • Business results focus: our entire suite of products and services are business-oriented and emphasize the real world of competency development in a commercial world
  • Geography: the wide geographical area covered by Educapro – throughout Europe and North America –ensure that trainees will receive the support they need, when they need it and wherever they need it.
  • Track record: A blended learning provider should have experience providing a wide range of solutions for global corporations.
  • Content: We offer “out-of-the-box” programs from some of the top business schools in the world, as well as customized blended training programs to best respond to the specific learning and development challenges of your organization.


Are you interested in a blended learning solution for your organization? At Educapro we are always just a phone call or an email away. Call us today and you’ll be one step closer to the solution you are looking for.

*Conditions apply