Stratety™ is our highly individualized, patent-pending Training Assessment and Execution PlatformEducapro Stratety Training Evaluation Platform


Is your internal training program effective? Have your trainees learned what they need to succeed? Have you developed the best training program and selected the optimal way to deliver it? If you’ve outsourced the training, have you selected the right training company? Have your learning initiatives contributed meaningfully to the execution of your organization’s strategy?


There are perhaps no more important and controversial questions in the multi-billion dollar training industry than those outlined above. As HR professionals around the world can attest, these questions are also among the most difficult and time-consuming to answer with anything like precision.


Stratety™ is our innovative and cost-effective solution to this need in the market. Our proprietary, patent-pending platform will help you respond to critical return on investment questions with world-class rigor and objectivity, at an affordable price. With Stratety™, we guarantee your satisfaction or we don’t get paid.*


From Kirkpatrick to Brinkerhoff to Stratety™, the conceptual framework:


Educapro Levels of Evaluation


How can we offer complete, highly-individualized evaluations at an affordable price? Answer: specialization and internal systems efficiency. We are a lean management organization whose entire business model is built on lean and six-sigma principles. We deliver our high-quality services using the leanest models and procedures on the planet. We pride ourselves on our world-class internal collaboration systems that allow us to bring experts from around the world onto our framework and into your project at a fraction of traditional costs.


With the power of Stratety™, organizations are able to:


  1. Assess the strengths, weaknesses and results of their training efforts.
  2. Identify with unparalleled rigor and precision areas of focus for improvement.
  3. Create action plans that are clearly aligned with individual and organizational learning strategy.
  4. Collect critical data that will help measure final return on training investment.


Educapro Stratety Training Assessments Click here to learn more about the conceptual framework and empirical underpinnings of Stratety™.










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