In addition to the training grants that are made available from the European Social Fund (ESF) for transnational projects, ESF funding is also made available to the European Union’s member states and to their internal regions to support national and regional training initiatives. Educapro is an “Organizing Entity” of the “Fundación Tripartita” and can deliver the training your organization needs, taking full advantage of the funds that are made available for this purpose by the EU and the Spanish government.


Spain’s Fundación Tripartita para la Formación en el Empleo

Fundación Tripartita Para la Formación en el Empleo funds training for employees and organizations in Spain. The foundation supports organizations and workers with more than 4€ billion of funding each year.

  • the Fundación Tripartita webpage – detailed information about the Foundation does and how it is structuredEducapro Fundación Tripartita Bonificaciones
  • a series of videos that explain, among other things, how your company can take advantages of the Foundation’s funding activity.


Sistema de Bonificaciones

The Fundación Tripartita is responsible for giving training organisations like Educapro and employers like you the right funding to help adults get the skills they need in today’s competitive international business environment. This includes:

  • supporting traineeships
  • funding and coordinating apprenticeships
  • overseeing and managing government grants
  • being a co-financing organisation for the European Social Fund (ESF) in Spain, which invests in jobs and skills

The Fundación Tripartita also:

  • maintains employee training data and statistics
  • publishes data and datasets to support planning and performance reporting in Spain and in the EU

Fundación Tripartita Priorities

The foundation’s priorities are to:

– create more apprenticeships
– ensure employers understand the benefits of traineeships
– meet local further education needs
– support and develop traineeships and “Certificates of Professionalism”
– prepare learning providers for changes to Adult Community Learning, so that they are in line with the national and EU targets
– improve its data service, by making its data open to the public


We are pleased to inform visitors that most of the products and services we offer are subsidized by Spain’s Fundación Tripartita para la Formación en el Empleo. We can deliver the training your organization needs to succeed, and the government will help cover the cost. If you are interested in learning more about how Educapro can respond to your organization’s specific training needs through government funding, please contact us.