Sales and Marketing Training

Effective sales and marketing training can have an enormous impact on your business.


The key word, of course, is effective. Equipping your people with effective sales techniques – whether they are trying to capture customers locally or on the other side of the Educapro Sales Trainingcountry or in another part of the world – is not only a smart investment, it’s the key to survival in today’s globally competitive environment. Study after study demonstrates that improving an employee’s customer service and marketing expertise, i.e., training employees to understand that they are an integral part of the marketing plan, helps bring more customers into your company and makes sure you keep them for a longer time. This constant increase in customer satisfaction and retention helps keep employee morale at optimum levels and lowers your employee turnover rate. This is the virtuous circle that our sales and marketing training will help you set into motion.


Defining Marketing and Sales Training Needs using Educapro’s Stratety™ Platform


Defining your team’s training needs is a vital first step to any effective sales and marketing learning initiative. To accomplish this critical first step, Educapro will harness our patent-pending Stratety™ technology, and our unparalleled know-how, to make sure your training needs are clearly and rigorously defined, and to make sure that our trainer understands exactly what knowledge needs to be transmitted. Using our pre-training evaluation technology and the associated, patent-pending processes, we can guarantee that you will receive exactly the kind of training your teams need and the kind of training we promise, or you will not pay for the service.* We are that confident.


Educapro’s Training Solutions in Sales and Marketing


Sales and marketing touches upon and is directly impacted by the full range of company activities –both internal and external activities, and often much more than employee srealize. Your teams may need training to help them understand that everything they do or say or post online, at work and any from work, has the potential of affecting the marketing and sales of the company. They may need more technical help with specific marketing activities, such as improving their writing skills to help with blogging, advertising, public relations or social media. Or they may need to be awakened on how to exploit opportunities that exist in their circle of influence.

Our sales and marketing solutions can also help develop broader skills in the latest technology, whether in Google Ad Words or SEO tools and analytics. Your managers may want to hone their management skills through any of our on-site, online or blended training solutions. Executives or aspiring executives may be interested in our online, interactive Harvard Business Case Analyses that delve into the more challenging complexities that sales and marketing executives face in today’s fast-paced business world.


Keys to Effective Sales and Marketing Training


The first key to delivering effective sales and marketing training is to understand our customers and their strategy. The second key is our ability to detect skills gaps and define training needs. Differences in individual sales performance, or differences across teams, are a valuable metric that can help in understanding whether training needs are technical or HR-related. Our direct experience with dozens of international organizations and our knowledge base will help you detect the difference. Poor sales may indicate the need to completely redesign the company’s sales approach and techniques – they may also mean that you need to take a long, hard look at your product and service offering. Lower margins, on the other hand, might call for working on the team’s negotiation skills, or setting new policies and parameters. High numbers of customer complaints and low levels of repeat business are a clear call for customer service training.


In all of the above areas, our pre- and-post training evaluation platform, Stratety™, plays an important role. In fact, our confidence in this platform is the basis for our unprecedented, money-back guarantee. If you sign on for our best-in-class pre-training evaluation service and don’t get the sales and marketing training that you need, you will not pay a cent.*


sales-training-onlineSales and Marketing from Onboarding to Offboarding


Sales and marketing training should form an integral part of the way you develop employees, from onboarding through the entire employment lifecycle.

Educapro’s highly practical approach to both ends of this employment cycle is an important reason for our record-breaking levels of customer satisfaction. Our general options include but are not limited to: brainstorming facilitation training, role play exercises, coaching employees on sales calls, analyzing best practices in your sector, analyzing your competitors, or recording and debriefing employees after successful or less-than-successful activities. If your company or team lacks the skills or resources to respond adequately to the sales and marketing needs within your organization, Educapro has the right solution for you.

Additional Educapro sales training options include a wide selection of workshops, seminars and online or blended training. If you are a marketing manager or executive looking for a vigorous brainstorming session with other like-minded professionals in marketing, you might consider one our online, interactive Harvard Business Cases.



At Educapro we are just an email, phone or a videoconference call away. Contact us now to arrange for a 15-minute videoconference with one of our sales experts who will be happy to listen to each and every one of your concerns and offer you the solutions you are looking for.

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