Our Model

Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”.Educapro Aristotle


With this statement, Aristotle gave birth to a philosophy of education and philsophy of learning with a very long and illustrious history. Today, it is most often referred to as “Experiential Learning”. Experiential learning is learning through reflection on doing. At Educapro, this idea is at the core of what we do and constitutes the essential value that we contribute to our customers, in everything from auditing to training execution. We believe that if we can succeed in getting our customers to reflect on their actions and on the experiments we facilitate, our job as surveyors and purveyors of knowledge is 80% complete.


This concept of “reflecting on doing” has had a profound impact on the history of Western civilization, and on the rise of the scientific method in general. It has had an enormous impact on Europe and on the development of the United States through the work of John Dewey and many others educators. One small indication of this reality is reflected in the success of the Case Method of learning, which is founded on the idea that students learn more from doing, and from reflecting and conversing about doing, than they do from theoretical models. To be sure, each method of learning – experiential and theoretical – has its place. But at Educapro, one of these methods takes special precedence: experiential learning. Our clients learn primarily because we are global pioneers in creating the situations for you to experience and reflect on that experience.


Please check back to this page as we will be adding complete information about the theoretical and philosophical foundations of our business and learning model, as well as the results of our innovative research in the learning field.