Mission, Vision and Values:

To help our customers grow, and to grow ourselves, Educapro looks to the future, analyzes trends in our industry at the international level and acts quickly to understand, innovate and compete. In collaboration with our partners, we grow in knowledge every day and thus create maximum value for our customers, for our families and for the planet as a whole. This is imperative for our existence as a company and it is our daily bread as individuals:




Our Mission

To be the global standard of excellence in qualitative training audits and knowledge benchmarking.



Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework that describes what we need to do to achieve sustainable growth:

“Meritocracy: We are a company where every person can contribute and grow according to their effort.
“Portfolio: Provide innovative product lines and services that meet the needs of our customers.
“Benefit: maximize long-term return for our shareholders and employees.
“Productivity: Be an agile, fast and lean organization.




How we live our lives

Our values ​​serve as the framework for our direction and govern our decisions:

“Integrity: Amid the complexities of human interaction, we have the courage to be straightforward.
“Leadership: We are convinced that the essence of leadership is service to others.
“Collaboration: We respect and defend individualism but capitalize on collective synergies to make things happen.
“Passion: We are committed to the never-ending pursuit of excellence.




We focus on the market

“We concentrate on the needs of our customers, partners and employees.
“We listen attentively and actively to understand and respond to what people need.
“We are restless, curious and hungry for knowledge about the markets we serve.