Organizational Culture

Educapro’s Organizational Culture Survey of choice has increasingly become the global standard of excellence in cultural and organizational assessment tools. It has been used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide since first becoming available over 20 years ago.image-3


With Educapro’s award-winning Stratety™ + the Denison Organizational Culture Survey solution, our customers are able to benchmark their organizational culture against a global database and develop concrete plans and scorecards to improve their performance. Customers who have used the survey include Hewlett-Packard, NASA, jetBlue Airways, ABC Disney, Northrop Grumman, RJ Reynolds and hundreds more.


Stratety™ + The Denison Survey

You already know about our award-winning Stratety™ pre-and-post training evaluation platform. Stratety™ + the Denison Organizational Culture Survey adds an extra layer of rigor to our service. The Denison survey is designed to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses as they apply to your performance. Unlike Stratety™, the Denison survey has 60 items that measure specific aspects of an organization’s culture in each of the four traits and twelve management practices outlined in the Denison Model.


Educapro and Stratety™ will work closely with your team to customize the scale and scope of your Denison survey implementation. In particular, we will help you identify the core organizational areas that will be assessed by the survey, and discuss any additional areas you might wish to explore through additional survey items.


The Results

Stratety™ + Denison uses both subtle, qualitative analyses and normative scoring to present a very useful and visual snapshot of your organization’s health. We compare your organization’s raw survey data to a global database of over 1,000 organizations from multiple industries, regions and sectors and then tabulate a graphical profile that conveys the results visually. This method allows you to benchmark your culture scores against other higher and lower-performing companies from around the world. In this way, Stratety™ + the Denison Organizational Culture Survey provide an accurate measure of your organization’s initial starting point, and sets the path for progress toward a world-class, high-performance culture.


With the power of Stratety™ + the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, organizations are able to:

1.  Assess the strengths and weaknesses that are impacting their performance

2.  Identify with unparalleled rigor and precision areas of focus for improvement

3.  Align their culture change and leadership development initiatives when leveraging both surveys

4.  Create action plans that are clearly aligned with the organization’s strategy

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