Lean Management

At Educapro, we are eminently practical in our approach to Lean Management and Six Sigma. It’s ingrained into the way we do business and it’s an essential component of our long-term strategy, allowing us to deliver lean,innovative, high-quality learning solutions for competitive prices throughout the Americas and Europe.


Lean Management + Stratety™

Our award-winning platform, Stratety™, allows us to select and recommend only the training that makes the most sense for each company and each situation and each sector. As a diagnostic tool, Stratety™ enables us to help companies quickly and cost-effectively identify and focus onimage-3 only those areas of their internal learning processes where interventions will quickly make the biggest differences.


Originally developed in Japan and the United States to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, “Lean Management”, “Lean Office” and “Lean Start-up”is now being widely adopted by financial institutions, retailers, hospitals and by companies in virtually every corner of the services industry. “Lean Six Sigma” is a growing movement in this area. Lean Six Sigma is blend of two concepts: lean manufacturing, which is aimed at eliminating muda (waste in Japanese), and Six Sigma, which seeks to reduce operational errors. Together, these two concepts – Lean + Six Sigma – help companies like Educapro and our customers design faster processes at lower costswith higher quality. It’s the only formula for success in today’s hypercompetitive business environment.


From our research and experience with Stratety™ surveys, we know that despite the impressive results achieved at some companies, Lean Six Sigma frequently fails to deliver the anticipated results. Our approach to this problem starts with a quantitative and qualitative Stratety™ diagnostic thatborrows from Six Sigma methodology and delivers valuable information with the added efficiency and speed that comes from lean processes. From the fruits of our own Lean + Six Sigma processes, we add value to yours.


In all cases, we first request to gain an understanding of our customer’s strategy and current value stream. We then move rapidly, using Stratety™ to streamline the gathering of metrics, to map out the operational processes and costs. With traditional quantitative metrics and the qualitative results gained through Stratety™, we conduct bottleneck analyses and establish internal and external benchmarking. Thereafter, we target the problem areas where the most valuable improvements can be seen in the shortest amount of time through highly effective and targeted training sessions.


Our experience on three continents, in combination with the lean six sigma processes embedded into our patent-pending Stratety™ platform, allow us to deliver the precise training solutions that our customers need to reach their objectives. Using Stratety™ to focus on the areas with the most promising and immediate potential to produce results, our clients avoid the inefficiencies and extra costs associated with training and deploying more people in more areas than those which are absolutely required. Lean, effective, business-driven learning with six sigma levels of errors. That is what we are all about.


Our Lean Management Training Approach


Educapro’s lean management training curriculum is essentially a series of customizable in-company or on-site sessions, each covering specific areas of Lean as required by our customers’ unique situation and the results of our Stratety™ pre-training evaluation. Ourentire program is completely flexible in terms of duration and timing, but it is usually scheduledto allow our customers to put the concepts covered in the classroom into practical application between one session and the next. In addition, we are always eager to take traineesto their own shop floor to apply the concepts, the theory and the exercises reviewed in the classroom. There is no better way for us to demonstrate the value of our training or the merit of any recommendations that spring fromyour team’s work on Stratety™ than directly in your office or on your shop floor.


Our Lean + Six Sigma + Stratety™ Training Solution includes:

  • Introduction to the underlying philosophy of the Toyota Production System and the origin of Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn Lean and Six Sigma tools to apply to a particular operational challenge.
  • Discover how to look at your operation in terms of lead-time reduction, elimination of waste and material flow.
  • Learn what continuous improvement (kaizen) is, including how to conduct kaizen workshops.
  • How to manage people in a Lean environment.
  • Develop a long-term strategic implementation plan.
  • Learn what 5S is and why it is fundamental part of Lean and Six Sigma.


Program ComponentsEducapro Lean

Adapted to Management or Frontline workers:

  1. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  2. How to generate a Value Stream Map
  3. 5S and the Visual Workplace as the foundation of Lean
  4. Developing and Leading Workgroups in a Lean environment
  5. Standard Work and Line Balancing
  6. Material Flow and Pull Systems
  7. Cellular Manufacturing and Leveling
  8. Setup Reduction (SMED) and Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
  9. Plan and Lead continuous improvement (kaizen) activities


Advanced Courses:

  1. Material Handling and Call Systems for Lean Manufacturing
  2. Error Proofing (Poke-Yoke)
  3. Accounting and KPIs for Lean and Six Sigma
  4. Production Preparation Process (3P)
  5. Lean in the office
  6. Integrating Lean with Six Sigma


As with all of our training, the above curriculum is used as a base to develop fully customized training programs that are designed to respond to our pre-training Stratety™evaluation results. In most cases, the most important material in Lean Six Sigma can be covered in 3 to 5 sessions, with additional training delivered as the project matures and needs arise.


If Lean Six Sigma Training is of interest to you, take a moment to contact us. Give us a few minutes to tell us about your company and its current context and we will tell you what our Stratety™ + Lean Six Sigma training can do for your organization.