Leadership Development

Built on the same platform as our Organizational Culture Survey, Educapro’s Leadership Development 360° Survey has become the industry standard of excellence in leadership assessment tools.

Educapro Leadership Circumplex


Stratety™ + the Denison Leadership Development 360° is a doubly powerful combination of tools. Stratety™ measures a leader’s performance in subtle, qualitative and verbal ways that are not easy to capture with other tools while the Denison Leadership Development 360° measures a leader’s performance on a set of 12 very specific leadership behaviors that are linked to high performing organizational cultures. Based on the Denison Model, this 360° assessment compares and clearly benchmarks an individual’s leadership and management skills to those of leaders in other organizations.


Stratety™ + the Denison Leadership Development 360° Survey is a powerful combination of developmental tools. By providing qualitative plus data-based feedback, this instrument allows leaders to compare their own ratings to those of coworkers and to identify gaps in perceived strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.


Stratety™ + The 360° Survey

This 96-item survey leverages feedback from a number of different perspectives, including supervisors, peers, direct reports and others. The survey is user-friendly and administered online through a system that allows leaders to personally manage their own Survey process. The Stratety™ evaluation is available in any language and takes only about 5 minutes to complete. The Denison 360 is offered in multiple languages and takes about 25 minutes to complete.


The Results

Stratety™ uses a very human, qualitative approach to leadership assessment while Denison uses normative scoring to present survey results. We compare your survey data to our global database of nearly 14,000 leaders from a wide variety of industries, job functions, management levels and tenures. The results are presented in a Summary Report, which conveys the findings simply and visually in percentile scores.


The standard summary report includes:


  • A color-coded Circumplex reports that compare your self-ratings to the ‘Combined Other’ group of boss, peers, direct reports and others
  • Line item data showing individual scores on each of the questions, and a Line Item report summarizing the 10 highest and lowest scoring items according to the ‘Combined Other’ category
  • A Gap report outlining strengths, weaknesses, and under- and over-estimated capabilities
  • A Comments Report


Organizations have used Stratety™ + the Denison Leadership Development 360 to:


1.  Help leaders identify specific strengths and weaknesses

2.  Help leaders establish an action plan for leadership development

3.  Understand group-level leadership strengths and weaknesses

4.  Learn how specific skills and practices impact their leadership performance

5.  Develop leadership skills necessary to adapt to a changing environment

6.  Understand their role in creating a high-performance culture

7.  Successfully develop their teams


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