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Educapro is pleased to offer live, interactive, webinar discussions of Harvard Business Cases.


Part-training, part-networking and always exciting, this product is designed for highly-motivated managers who are very busy but interested in meeting with other like-minded individuals to network and work on their analytical and communication skills.


Educapro’s business case discussions are the most compelling, 90-minute value proposition on the Executive Education market. The pack includes:


  • Access to world-class content and real business cases from one of the world’s most respected business schools.
  • Complete overview of the Harvard case method of analysis.
  • Network with a small group of like-minded managers and executives.
  • Win-win pricing structure often subsidized by government grants (grant availability varies by state and region).
  • Real-time, web collaboration maximizes convenience and eliminates the need to travel.


Each business case includes:             


    • Original case document in English
    • Original case document in Spanish (sometimes unavailable)
    • Complete E-learning introduction to the Harvard case method
    • Opportunity to network with other participants
    • Objective analysis and evaluation of participants’ contribution
    • Recommendations for further reading


How the program works:

  1. You register for the business case or cases that interest you (see upcoming options below).
  2. We provide you with information on how to purchase the business case (in PDF) along with introductory material and guidelines on how to prepare for the online discussion.
  3. You read the business case individually and try to master the details and develop a supporting analysis of your proposed course of action.
  4. You are assigned to a group of four other individuals who are part of your pre-discussion team.
  5. You communicate with any or all of your pre-discussion team (via phone or videoconference) to share your preliminary thoughts on the case.
  6. Finally, in the live, interactive session, your pre-discussion team meets with one or more other teams to discuss the case.


There is no other management learning experience quite like this.


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Marketing Strategy

Human Resources

Organizational Behavior

Picture2Nike Football: World Cup
Nike’s Football division needs to devise a strategy to excel at the 2010 World Cup games in South Africa. Nike has gone from a niche player in the market for football apparel and footwear in 1994 to a formidable competitor to Adidas in 2008 (with revenues of over $1 billion for the sport). The case traces how Nike has gone about making this transformation.
For the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, Nike has decided to change its target market focus and to use digital and social media platforms to…..


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Picture2Raleigh: Measures for Excellence
In January 2010, U. S. luxury goods retailer Raleigh & Rosse is being sued by its employees for encouraging “off the clock” hours. At the center of the class action lawsuit is the famous Raleigh & Rosse performance measurement system previously thought to be the core of the retailer’s success.
The system uses a sales-per-hour model to reward salespeople for time well spent on the floor. However, in this industry, where strong customer service is essential, many sales representatives …..


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Picture2Martha Rinaldi: Should She Stay?
Martha Rinaldi has been an assistant product manager at leading beverage company Potomac Waters since graduating from business school. Rinaldi is frustrated by her relationships with her boss and a close co-worker. Even though she works hard to please her manager, she has received a negative performance evaluation for her first four months.
Should Rinaldi leave Potomac for a standing job offer at a company she previously interned with or try to improve her current situation?…..


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