The European Social Fund supports organizations around the EU to promote projects aimed at training people and helping them and their organizations to be more competitive and efficient. In a challenging job market, the ESF helps people and organizations make the most of their opportunities. In this context, Educapro is proud to be a member of the European Social Fund’s Transnational Exchange and Cooperation Program.


Educapro is aligned with the ESF in helping build a culture of training and lifelong learning.Educapro EU Funding

Learning no longer stops at the school gates. It has become a lifelong process. As new products and services appear, as innovative technologies and processes are adopted, as industrial sectors and enterprises restructure to become more competitive, so Europe’s workforce must adapt to an environment where change is normal, and new skills are always desirable.


  • Working with social partners like Educapro, ESF projects are promoting skills development and training, in particular for transferable competences such as digital skills, languages and entrepreneurship. For example, where traditional industrial sectors are in decline and job losses threaten, the ESF funds retraining schemes to help workers acquire the skills to work in new sectors.
  • Vocational education providers like Educapro are helped to align their teaching of the demands of the labour market, encouraging more apprenticeships and company trainee schemes.
  • To enhance worker mobility, quality assurance schemes for vocational education are being aligned with European standards. And the ESF is helping open flexible pathways through the education and training system, including developing European level qualifications.

As well as helping hundreds of thousands of individuals to get access to the training they want, the ESF also encourages vocational-training institutions to improve the relevance and the range of courses they offer to companies and individuals. In particular, ensuring that what is taught is what is needed to improve performance.



Adult learningin the European Social Fund – What are the objectives?

Erasmus+ aims to improve the quality of adult learning across Europe.

Erasmus+ provides opportunities for adult learning professionals to learn from each other and develop strategic partnerships. Its focus is on common challenges, such as the recognition of skills learnt outside the formal education system. Erasmus+ makes adult learning more accessible and improves the skills of citizens across Europe.


What does it involve?

Exchange of staff within adult education organisations, including:

  • Structured course or training;
  • Job shadowing or observations.

Cooperation between institutions and organisations to:

  • Exchange experiences and best practice;
  • Develop regional strategies;
  • Develop, test, and validate new curricula;
  • Implement European policy on adult education.

Cooperation with business:

  • Job shadowing;
  • Collaboration on curricula;
  • Training courses and seminars.

Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE):

  • Professionals in adult learning can learn from each other and exchange good practices online.

Who can take part?

Opportunities are available to the following organisations in participating countries:

  • Adult education organisations;
  • Local/regional authorities active in the field of adult education


If your organization is looking for a transnational partner in the workforce learning and performance field, please contact us. We can help in the development, implementation, monitoring and/or evaluation phase of your project. Our Stratety™ pre-and-post training evaluation platform will be of special interest to you. Let’s schedule a videoconference to study the potential synergies between our goals and yours.