03 Mar What to do When You Make a Mistake

Cuando cometas un error, sé rápido para admitirlo Reconocer que has cometido un error puede ser un golpe para tu ego. Sin embargo, discutir con los demás o culparles (o tratar de esquivar diciendo algo impreciso como “Se han cometido errores”) solo empeora las cosas. Es mu

28 Jan How to Work with Somebody Who Bugs You

Cómo Trabajar con Alguien que te Molesta A veces tenemos que trabajar con colegas que no nos gustan mucho. Tal vez no son tóxicos o difíciles, sino que nos ponen de los nervios. Para trabajar con ellos de manera productiva, recuerda que si bien no siempre nos podemos llevar bien con t

03 Jul Keep Your Network Small and Meaningful

Keep Your Network Small and Meaningful The research on networking is clear: High-quality connections are more valuable than weak ties. That means a bigger network is not necessarily better. If your network isn’t helping you forge  deeper, more authentic relationships, it may be time t

04 Mar Don’t Let Stress Lead to Bad Decisions

Don’t Let Stress Lead to Bad Decisions It’s hard to think clearly when you’re under stress. Your blood  pressure and heart rate  rise, adrenaline and cortisol flood your body, and your survival instincts kick in — all of which  interfere with decision making. To avoid making bad decis

19 Feb How to Get Through to a Bad Listener

How to Get Through to a Bad Listener It’s frustrating to work with someone who doesn’t listen. Whether your colleague interrupts you, rambles on, or seems  distracted, the impact is the same: You feel ignored, and the chances of misunderstandings  increase. But you can encourage your

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