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Global Pioneers in Training Assessment

You can't improve what you don't measure.

  • Are you spending valuable time and energy on ineffective training?
  • What if your people aren’t learning what you need them to know?
  • Our cutting-edge training assessment platform will help you make informed, intelligent decisions.

Government Training Grants

Designed to give you and your employees the knowledge you need to succeed.

  • Access government grants to make your company more competitive.
  • Educapro will assist you throughout the grant application process.
  • Training programs available in all operational, administrative and management areas.

Performance-based School Assessments

Don’t let student achievement fall through the cracks.

  • Are your students learning what they need to succeed?
  • Align your school with global trends in the education sector.
  • Get the metrics that really matter for your school and your students.

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